American Bar – Flair Bartending

American Bar

At the MIXOLOGY Academy we focus on the American Bar method, a technique which originated in the United States in the 1980’s. This method is defined by important components that we have developed in our course offerings.


The 3 pillars of the American Bar Method are to:


1: make good drinks;

  1. make drinks quickly; and
  2. interact with customers.


The American Bar Method was adopted throughout the world in the 90’s and has since been the most utilized method worldwide.


In recent years the MIXOLOGY Academy has continued to employ this system and created a certified job title — currently the only certification and official title for bartenders — known as a Global Bartender.


The certification as a Global Bartender not only prepares you for any kind of situation in the bartending world (whether in Italy or abroad)  but also gives you a strong advantage compared to your average bartender with years of experience. As a Global Bartender adhere to the guidelines of the American Bar method while also learning the Classic Method of the 1950’s.


In short, the Classic Method is the traditional method that is still used today in some associations and sectors like the Hotel industry, where they distinguish cocktail measurements in “parts.”


Take the example of a classic recipe of a Negroni cocktail:


  • 1 part Gin
  • 1 part Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 part Bitter Campari


When creating this cocktail following the Classic Method, each ingredient is poured by eye, one at a time, which takes more time and gives a bland result. A Global Bartender works with modern techniques not just to make delicious cocktails, but also to make them appealing and stylish for the customers experience in a modern day cocktail bar.


This method will teach you to measure your pours by counting in your head, even while pouring from two bottles simultaneously, with quick precision. This method not only makes things more efficient, but also adds to the customers’ enjoyment as they watch their drinks being skillfully prepared.




A bartender is someone who creates a comfortable ambiance, builds bonding moments between customers, and delivers positive experiences that customers will remember.


To help you on this pathway we will train you in the art of FLAIR.


The word “flair” literally means to have “a special or instinctive aptitude or ability of doing something well.” When we talk about Flair, our goal is to train you to work in a relaxed, non-mechanical way behind a bar, including with the equipment used while mixing drinks. In the course of a couple of years, these techniques have evolved into acrobatic movements with bottles and shakers while creating drinks.


Flair bartending is divided into 2 categories.



  • Working Flair – Flair including bottles that may be completely filled to the top;
  • Exhibition Flair – Flair used in exhibitions with just a miniscule amount of liquid in each bottle (usually less than 2 oz).





Many professional flair bartenders are able to integrate their acrobatic abilities to their hospitality service behind a bar, while still being fast, organized and efficient as they make drinks. They keep their guests entertained with their acrobatic movements, but also try to engage in conversation with them while preparing their drinks.


Our vision is to introduce flair bartending to all bartenders as much as possible, but we firmly believe that specializing in flair bartending should NOT be the starting point to becoming a Mixologist, but should be an added skill.