Bartender Academy

12 Months to Learn


Every time you’ve had to learn something new in life it probably seemed much more difficult than you originally thought. Remember when you were practicing to get your driver’s license? Those first lessons probably didn’t go as smoothly as you would have liked, but through force of repetition and practice you learned and you are probably (hopefully) a very capable driver.

If you practice a sport or have any kind of hobby that requires that you repeat certain motions over and over again you notice that practice pays off and what initially was difficult comes naturally after a time. This can be said about most things in life including learning to bartend.

Becoming a professional, capable bartender is anything but easy.

From the first lesson you begin to realize how many different things you have to learn before you’ll be comfortable working behind the bar.

In order to acquire a natural ability to work behind any bar you can choose between two pathways:


  • Start working right away, putting into practice everything you have learned in the program;
  • Train as much as possible to perfect your skills, whether they are cocktail recipes or the practical skills you acquired during your internship or in the classrooms of our academy.


This is the reason the MIXOLOGY Academy is here: to help you develop and evolve in a few hours, days and weeks. Every student has the opportunity to perfect their techniques, self-train and/or retake any classes to perfect what they’ve learned within 12 months of their registration.

During the academic year professional trainers follow your progress and coach you, guaranteeing a thorough learning experience.

If, at the end of your course, you have demonstrated that you’re ready to work behind the bar we will help you find a job free of charge through our partner, “Bartender Job” Agency.

Hands-On Internship

Most training occurs in our Academy’s classrooms but students also have the opportunity to apply for a hands-on internships available through our network in Rome.

Internships are excellent opportunities to put into practice the skills you have learned and apply them to a real workplace.  

Internships are a great way to prepare you for full time work, and smooth your introduction to full time bar work.

This is made possible by working alongside staff and bartenders (or baristas depending on the setting) who guide and coach you and help you grow professionally.

Upon completion of the internship you  can join our job placement agency, “Bartender Job,” which will help you find a suitable position.

Grow with time

No matter what professional course you choose you’ll be able to perfect your trade in our Academy over the course of 12 months. You will also be able to take more advanced courses to reach the level of  Global Bartender.