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Becoming a Global Bartender, the most qualified bartending professional in the world


The Global Bartender is the most qualified, internationally recognized professional bar certification that enables you to work in any type of bar, including some of the world’s best bars and luxury hotels. The Global Bartender is equipped with the best skills in:




There is nothing that a global bartender can’t do behind any kind of bar, during daytime or nighttime hours, at night clubs, cocktail bars and hotels of the finest reputation throughout the world.


You will gain an excellent understanding of distilled beverages and liqueurs (over 900 kinds of spirits from around the world) both on an chemical level which you can utilize for practical use. You will able to create any kind of cocktail or drink by being able to balance the flavours of liquors/liqueurs with other kinds of liquids, be able to pair it with food and be able to invent your own drinks.


Thanks to the full preparation this program has to offer, the skills which make you a global bartender provide you with all the knowledge you need to be qualified for the best bartending jobs in the world along with being qualified for managerial positions.


More Advantages of a Becoming a Global Bartender


When you take the path to become a professionally certified Global Bartender, you receive some additional advantages:




The change to star in your own online video, demonstrating a recipe in the Encyclopedia of Alcohol (ITA).