Free Bartender Course

Free Bartender Course

Immerse yourself in the world of mixing with 2 lessons and an 8 hour Bartending course!


If you are not sure whether you want to sign up for one of our programs and would first like to see how a professional bartending course is conducted then simply take advantage of our 2 Day Bartending Course, an opportunity available through the MIXOLOGY Academy.


Participating at our 8 hour bartending course provides you with the following advantages:


At the end of your 2 day lesson you can continue your path and subscribe to our professional bartending courses at the MIXOLOGY Academy.




The course can be taken during the following hours:





Book your lessons in advance. Use the drop down tab from the Calendar shown on the top right side of the home page (if you are using a smartphone scroll down). At the end of the 8 hour lesson, you can sign-up for one of our internationally certified bartending courses offered by the MIXOLOGY Academy and start on the path to becoming a worldwide working bartender!