MIXOLOGIST | Basic + 1° Level | Bartending School Training Certification



MIXOLOGIST | Basic + 1° Level

Bartending School Training Certification

The goal of the professional bartending course is to equip you with all the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to work in the highest quality cocktail bars in Italy and throughout the world.


The MIXOLOGY international certification guarantees you a highly specialized skill set, a step above the Professional Bartending program, with the advantage of gaining access to the world of bartending and the beverage industry, specializing in the mixing of cocktails.


The pathway to becoming a MIXOLOGIST includes the study of liquors and the raw materials used to create cocktails. You will study over 450 different brands. The course also teaches practical techniques to craft cocktails efficiently.


Every single brand is studied from three points of view: technical (in order to understand how the product is produced), historical (for contextualising the birth and evolution), and organoleptic (to understand the properties that it consists of). Some of these liquors will be part of a taste-testing so as to compare each by quality, taste and price difference.


During the 72 hours of coursework and more than 1 week of hands on Internship (freely extendible) you will be able to access our classroom and your own workstation equipped with all the necessary tools and products for optimal learning. The lessons are all taught at our location at the Academy in Rome.
Add the 2nd Advanced Level bartender course (even after 1 year after the graduation of this course) to learn the art of crafting Twist on Classic cocktails, the smoking of cocktails, homemade syrups and bitters, to become a Vintage Mixologist which will help you find more opportunity for work.