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Miglior Corso da Barman per diventare Global Bartender
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If you’re searching for a complete bartending course that will accelerate your career as a professional bartender, help you catch up and even surpass others that have had more experience in the field and give you the freedom to choose the environment and country you would like to work in, the internationally certified course — known as Global Bartender — is the program for you! As a Global Bartender you will be able to work in any type of bar, including the world’s best bars and at the most luxurious hotels. You will have a high level of expertise in the bar world thanks to a 180-hour program with a reserved internship exclusively for Global Bartenders certified as bartenders, baristas and assistant trainers through the MIXOLOGY Academy. You are also eligible to attend utilize our school to practice and take lessons within our classrooms for 12 months, completely free of charge. To help you with your job hunt we offer you the use of the database of our Bartending Job Agency, and as a Global Bartender you get first priority to receive all job announcements.

  • 180 hours (over 2 months)
  • 8 hour Course on Personal Branding
  • 3 weeks of Hands-on Internship
  • 20 hours of Internship as an Assistant Trainer at the MIXOLOGY Academy

12 month training at the Academy

  • 4300 €

Includes Bartending Equipment Kit and access to our Job Search Agency.

  • 2990€ (VAT Included). Pay Right Away and Save 1310€.
  • Internship as Assistant Trainer at the MIXOLOGY Academy.
  • Exclusive Course on Personal Branding for Global Bartenders.
  • FREE 1 Year Subscription at the MIXOLOGY Academy.
  • FREE Registration and job search through our Agency.
  • Priority on Job Announcements.
  • Online video recipe starring you!
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As a Bar Chef (or Molecular Mixologist) you will learn how to transform liquid into solid and gaseous states and how to create cocktails on a molecular level. This bartending program will teach you everything there is to know when it comes to preparing cocktails in a molecular laboratory. You will become a true professional, ready to work at the most renowned locations throughout the world where molecular mixology is practiced. If you later decide to become a Global Bartender, all you need to do is complete the coffee program and the “Study of Liquors” + “Fruit Carving” courses offered at our Academy (however, you will not be eligible to take the exclusive extracurricular courses offered for the Global Bartender certification which include the classes on personal branding).

  • 112 hours (1 month and a half)
  • 2 weeks of hands-on Internship

1 month of free training (facultative) extendible for over 12 months for an additional fee of 29

  • xxxx €

Includes Bar Equipment Kit and free subscription to our Job Search Agency database.

  • Pay in full at the start of the 1st lesson to save 530€!
  • Add the HACCP Course for only 60€ more!
  • Online video recipe with you in the starring role!
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Our certified Mixologist course is the ideal solution if you wish to work at a high-end cocktail bar, even if you’ve never had any previous experience behind a bar. Building on the Professional Bartending Program, this course includes the specialized study of liquors and dissection of raw materials used during mixing. Once you have passed practical and theoretical exams, you will become a MIXOLOGIST with international certification within our academy, and a true professional with knowledge of all kinds of distilled beverages and a wide array of skills for crafting cocktails. To become a Vintage Mixologist and improve your job prospects all you need to do is add the 2nd Advanced Bartending Level course to your program.

Corso Barman
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Compared to other basic bartending courses, this course is renowned for its training and preparation and is the perfect starting point in a bartender’s career to begin working in fast-paced nightclubs and bars. It’s the perfect course for those who have never worked behind a bar and available to take even if you are under 18 years of age. This program trains you in all the indispensable practical and theoretical knowledge you need to jump-start your career to becoming a true bartender. Add the 1st Advanced Level Bartender course (even after 1 year after the graduation of this course) to become a Mixologist and qualify to work in cocktail bars in Italy and throughout the world.

Corso Barman Gratis a Roma e MilanoCorso Barman Gratis a Roma e Milano
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If you still aren’t sure if you want to take the pathway to work as a bartender you can take advantage of our 2-day bartender course to get an idea if the industry is right for you. At the MIXOLOGY Academy you can participate in an 8-hour course and learn the basics for how to make excellent cocktails! At the end of the 2 lessons you can decide whether you would like to continue with us and sign up for other professional lessons. Sign up for one of our other professional courses and take this lesson for free!